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No enemy will want to be on the receiving end of DREAD, a high-tech gun capable of pumping out 120,000 rounds per minute of .308 and .50 caliber round metal balls at 8000 feet per second (ft/s). The M-16 rifle, which delivers its ammunition at 3200 ft/s, and can shoot a mere 900 rounds per minute, has nothing on it. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for a viral video showing why you should never tailgate.

Some guy in a Honda CRV thought that it was ok to tailgate me, on my bicycle, while I was doing a sprint down the street.

But luckily a cop saw him tailgating me, because I didn’t see the tailgater until I turned around to look for the cop.

Making me really pissed because the guy was pretty much skimming my rear tire at 30mph!!


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