Our editors have compiled a list of five high-tech credit cards/credit card-sized devices you can’t apply for or buy. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

AIO Credit Card Computer

Imagine being able to store a fully functional computer inside a thin plastic credit card. This technology may not be too far off according to Chandanlong. Be assured that it will come loaded with features like Bluetooth, GPS Receiver, Windows XP (Vista?), and have buit-in Wi-Fi despite its size.

AIO card is a thin client. It is like a remote display on a card over wireless. It means all its processing, and storage remains on a powerful server. It uses the same thin client technology found in Sun Rays. It only needs a small processor that does nothing but send the touch and other inputs to a server, and the server sends the display and sound back. Since all the storage is on a server, it gives you virtually unlimited storage for your data, pictures and songs. (unlikes iPods and mp3 players which have a limited memory)


Multifunctional Credit Card

Measuring 54×85,6 mm, this device boasts a video phone, built-in program that displays discounts, remote control for any device, GPS system, and even a gaming device with network support. It uses biometric fingerprint technology to authorize users before performing any secure actions like payment, opening of a car door, etc. [Source]

Money Clip Credit Card

Roger Arquer has come up with a new concept that combines a credit card and money clip into one simple design. The Visa Money Clip “allows you to carry around your plastic and a wad of cash without any extra bulk at all.” [Source]

Credit Card with Embedded Flexible Display

SiPix has partnered with SmartDisplayer to develop the world’s “first flexible display panel to be embedded into an ISO-compliant payment card.”

The revolutionary One Time Password (OTP) DisplayCard enables cardholders to generate and display a dynamic passcode for one-time use…the cardholder obtains a new, unique number by pressing a button on the card


AMEX Butterfly Card

At first glance, this looks like your standard AMEX gold card, but what sets this one apart is that it actually folds in half and can be stored inside a “svelte” metallic case.

You can even leave the magnetic stripe side of the card sticking out so that it can be easily swiped without having to completely remove the card from the case.

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