Charlie White recently compiled a list of reasons on why movie downloads “suck”, and we’ve hand picked the top five. If you have anything to add, please leave us a comment.

5. DRM Restrictions

Even if you are able to solve all the problems with downloading movies, there’s still gobs of digital rights management slathered onto that data, restricting how and when you can play it back

4. Download Speed

Many broadband connections are not fast enough to download a movie in a reasonable amount of time. And then, let’s don’t even think about downloading HDTV movies

3. Small Selection

..although Wal-Mart promises movie downloads from the “big six” studios (Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox and Universal), it still won’t be able to match the vast collection of an ordinary video store

2. Picture Quality

As HDTV finally begins to catch on, even ordinary viewers people are becoming accustomed to ultra-high-quality movie viewing, and downloads are still mired in the world of standard definition

1. Too Expensive

Apple’s iTunes store charges $14.99 for a new release and $9.99 for an older movie, and Wal-Mart is expected to come close to matching that except for brand-new releases for which it will charge $19.88. That’s comparable to the price of a DVD, but with that you get a disc you can hold in your hand, cover art, a tangible item

[via Gizmodo]