You’ve seen the facts, now check out five ways on how Geek Squad “ruined” Best Buy. Don’t agree? Discuss here.

We receive little or no training

Very few Geek Squad Agents have extensive computer knowledge before they are hired. Many Agents are hired simply because the hiring manager liked their personality. What little training we have we get from watching our fellow Agents work or from studying on our own

Wonder why our turn-around time is so long?

It’s because we’re either short-handed or Best Buy won’t give us the labor hours we need to repair computers. Best Buy puts a greater emphasis on selling the services than actually performing the services

We hate our high prices, too

It was difficult for me to sell a computer diagnostic when the price was still $59, but when the prices jumped (and our precinct received no warning), I almost cried. I knew there was no way I could sell the same service for even more

Best Buy abuses us

Since I was the Geek Squad Senior, I got to deal with all the angry customers. Some of my worst memories come from being screamed at by 60-year-old men because they don’t want to pay for a virus removal, or their laptop is taking too long at the service center

Every store meeting, it’s crammed down our throats to upsell, upsell, upsell

“Offer a cleaning”, “Attach anti-virus install”, and “Everyone needs a data backup!” are just some of the crap they tell us. While we realize that the majority of the people who use a computer are capable of pressing “Next” on the Norton Anti-Virus install window, we are constantly pressed to “persuade” the customers to purchase these services

[via Consumerist]