There are many uses for icognito mode, and to start, it’s great when you are at a friend’s house wanting to use Facebook or any other site that requires a login. By using private mode, you won’t screw up their saved passwords / username /etc. Or, if you have multiple Google Apps accounts and need to have them all open for work or school. Using icognito mode you can open links from other accounts without having to log-out of your current one. Continue reading for more awesome internet tricks that might come in handy.

7. Open Last Closed Tabs

6. Reverse Image Search

5. Adding a .com

4. Turn Off Facebook’s Auto Play

3. Muting Emails

2. Google Retro

Type Google in 1998 to see a retro version of the search engine. For some, this may bring back some very good memories of that era.

1. Destroy Random Websites

Simply to, click “destroy this site” and you’ll be able to obliterate any website that is currently online for viewing, Space Invaders style. This works with all browsers.