Our editors have compiled a list of seven tiny gadgets that you’ll probably lose or break. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

World’s Smallest MiniSD Card Reader

Alfa Media has unveiled a tiny miniSD card reader that is just slightly larger than the memory card itself. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

The USB 2.0 compliant reader has no cables and simply slides into the USB port providing transfer rates of around 25MB/s depending on the card being used. Of course the device is plug and play and supports both Windows and Mac systems


World’s Smallest Functional Grand Piano

This is claimed to be the world’s smallest functional grand piano. It can either be played manually (w/sticks) or automatically via the built-in computer.

TA454: The World’s Smallest PMP

TA 454 could quite possibly be the world’s smallest portable media player. Despite its size, this player still manages to pack a 1.5-inch TFT display, 256MB of built-in memory, an SD/MMC card slot, and USB connectivity. Supported formats include SMV, MP3, WMA, JPG, and eBook. Best of all, it’s priced at just $79.95 here. Here’s what Adam Frucci (SciFi) thinks about this gadget:

I just can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to use this. Seriously, a 1.5-inch screen? What can you see on that? You wouldn’t be able to make out any text or any faces that weren’t shot in close-up


Tiny Space Cube PC

Measuring just 2 x 2 x 2.2 inches, the Space Cube is a tiny PC that boasts a 300 MHz processor, 64MB of SDRAM, and an external video connector — supports 1280 x 1024 resolution. External interfaces include a Flash memory card slot, USB port, Ethernet, and a serial port. It’s powered by Atom Linux and available now.[Source 12]

World’s Smallest NES Controller

G4TV presents the world’s smallest functional NES controller. This tiny device uses a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and requires tiny sticks just to press the buttons.

Even if you don’t have a use for this controller at the very least you will have a great way to create your very own circuit boards and stop using those pesky breadboards

World’s Smallest Functional Revolver

At just 2.16-inches, the SwissMiniGun is the world’s smallest functional revolver, complete with ammunition — shoots tiny 0.35-inch long bullets. Product page here.

This miniature Swiss-made revolver and its ammunition are painstakingly crafted using watchmaking technology. Looks like the little shooter could do some damage, propelling that tiny slug at 426.5 f/sec. out of the muzzle


Tiny Color Wireless Camera

For just $259, you could own the “World’s Smallest Color Wireless Camera” — measuring just 1″ x 1″, it can be concealed just about anywhere. It’s powered by a single 9V battery and runs for approx. 10 hours — transmitting all video to TV channel 59.

I’m sure the FBI the NSA or even MI6 have even smaller versions. However this is most likely the smallest color wireless camera readily available to consumers