It’s easy to take the thrill rides of today for granted – like these homemade roller coasters – without taking a look back to see where they originated from. We’ve rounded up seven vintage thrill rides from the early 1900s that you never knew existed. In the top picture above, we have “The Teaser” (1911) and “Loop the Loop” (1903) on Coney Island. Continue reading to see them all.

7. The Tickler – Cincinnati, Ohio (1909)

6. Helter Skelter – Coney Island, NY (1905)

5. Toboggan – Bois Blanc Island, Michigan (1903)

4. Whirl Of The Whirl – Coney Island, NY (1905)

3. White City – Louisville, KY (1910)

2. Coaster Dips – Glenn Echo, Maryland (1928)

1. Traver Swing – Coney Island, NY (1905)

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