Einstein feared the day that technology would replace actual human interaction, and sadly, that scenario is rapidly becoming a reality. We’ve rounded up eight examples to show why technology really is taking over. Continue reading to see them all.

5 Interesting Albert Einstein facts:

  1. Named the Person of the Century by Time magazine.
  2. Already a high school drop out, he failed his 1st college entrance exam, and had to go to a secondary school in Switzerland. Think of Albert at community college.
  3. Einstein actually won his 1921 Noble Prize in Physics for the photoelectric effect. His theory of relativity was not only considered too radical for the powers that be, almost no one in the world truly understood it at the time.
  4. Einstein was born with an abnormally big head. Combined with his late start in speaking, doctors were concerned he might be retarded.
  5. Refusing the Presidency of Israel, he said, “I know a little of science, but nothing about men.”

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