First released in 1980 (Japan), the VIC-20 was an 8-bit home computer, made by Commodore Business Machines, that featured 5KB RAM and a MOS 6502 CPU. This was also the “first microcomputer to sell one million units.” Videos after the jump.

The VIC-20 had 5K of Ram, which netted down to 3.5K on startup, which is the equivalent to the words and spaces on one sheet of typing paper. The computer was expandable to 32k with an add-on memory cartridge. At its peak, 9,000 units per day were produced, and a total of 2.5 million units were sold before it was discontinued in January 1985, when Commodore repositioned the C64 as its entry-level computer due to the forthcoming release of the C128 and Amiga