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Want to protect your iPhone 5, but hate bulky cases that really detract from the handset’s aesthetics? If so, then look no further than the Al13 bumper. Created by “Designed by M”, this ultra thin aluminum bumper features a sliding frame to lock the iPhone into place, with no screws required. Continue reading for our review.

Our Review

The Al13 comes packaged very nicely and includes two screen protectors to ensure the safety of your device. Similar to Apple’s bumper, the case is very easy to assemble, as after applying the films, you’re only required to slide the rear frame off, push the phone in, and then reinsert the frame. We conducted a few drop tests, like taking the handset out of our pocket and accidentally dropping it, and the bumper worked brilliantly. If you’re looking for a minimalistic iPhone case or bumper, this is definitely the one to get. It’s available now, priced at $80, in anodized purple, blue, fuchsia, white and gunmetal gray. More information.

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