Real Dr. Seuss House

Here’s another look at Goose Creek Tower, better known as the real-life Dr. Seuss house, by attorney Phillip Weidner. Standing 185-feet tall in the Alaskan wilderness, this odd-looking home boasts plenty of staircases and ladders inside connecting each floor, while the windows off 360° views of the landscape. At the basement level, there’s a hidden escape tunnel that leads to a safe room. Click here for more pictures of Goose Creek Tower. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“While construction has been ongoing for several years, video network great big story has recently completed a short documentary about the tower. titled ‘We’re Not in Whoville Anymore: Welcome to Goose Creek Tower’, the film offers a look inside the structure alongside a guided tour by Weidner himself,” reports Design Boom.

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