Hyperloop Train

Billionaire inventor Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, unveiled a futuristic plan for a new type of transport a year ago that would shoot capsules of passengers along a tube at around the speed of sound. He suggests that it would take a mere half hour to travel the 381 mile distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which is approximately half the time it takes by plane. The Hyperloop concept is based on the pneumatic tubes that fire capsules of paperwork between floors in offices, but in this case, they would carry peoplein low-pressure tubes to minimize turbulence and maximize speed. Continue reading for another video of Elon Musk explaining the idea and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “At its launch, Musk described the Hyperloop design as looking like a shotgun, with the tubes running side-by-side for most of the journey, then closing at either end to form a loop. Trains of capsules would shoot through the almost air-free tube at up to 760mph, accelerated by magnets which would also keep each pod on a steady course. Each capsule would float on a cushion of air it creates as it speeds along – similar to an air hockey table.”


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