MobileMag reviews the Archos 604 portable media player. Just to recap, it features a 4.3-inch TFT display, 30GB HDD, photo/PDF viewer, built-in speaker, voice recorder, and 15 hours (audio) / 4 hours (video) battery life. Videos after the jump. Here’s the bottom line:

It may seem that the Archos 604 is $50 cheaper than the RCA Lyra X3030, but when you factor in the extra hundred bucks you’ll need to get your hands on the DVR station, you’ll notice that this offering will cost you an extra fifty dollars. In the end, you may find the 30GB a little anemic, so if you enjoy the 604, you’ll have a blast with the supposedly lower model 504. The latter is available in capacities as high as 160GB

[via Gizmodo]