Skyrim is already a very immersive and fun game, but when you throw Oculus Rift into the mix, things get even more insane. To show off Cyberith’s Virtualizer treadmill, the company strapped one of its employees into the rig, where he became Dovahkiin. He was able to look around using the Oculus Rift and waved Wiimotes around to control weapons as well as magic. Instead of pressing W on a keyboard to walk around, he walked around on the blue circular padding of the Virtualizer. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Here’s what has to say: “Aside from expense, the biggest issue with the full VR experience (a headset and treadmill) is that the treadmill rigs are sized as such – they won’t comfortably fit near your gaming computer. However, if you’re planning on dropping $800 on a VR headset and treadmill, chances are you’ve made the appropriate furniture adjustments by removing it all from your bedroom.”

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