Before using the ATM again, especially while on vacation, be sure to cover your hand while typing in a PIN number, as thieves have begun installing new ultra thin card skimmers on machines around the world. These high-tech skimmers fit snugly inside the card reader throat, making it near impossible to detect. They fit inside certain kinds of cash machines made by NCR, and from the image above, you can see a hidden camera situated just to the left of the large square battery. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Brian Krebs, a security researcher says: Naturally, ATM hackers in Europe will ship the stolen card data over to thieves here in the U.S., who then can encode the stolen card data onto fresh (chipless) cards and pull cash out of the machines here and in Latin America. In countries where the ATM EMV [no magnetic strip only chip and pin] rollout has been completed most losses have migrated away from Europe and are mainly seen in the USA, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.”


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