Triangle UFO Moon TR-3B

The TR-3B Aurora is supposedly a classified military aircraft that can not only exceed Mach 10, but also travel into space. SecureTeam10 on YouTube provides images of what appears to be a triangular craft moving on the moon. “While video imaging the moon in this area I caught a craft flying above the moon surface. At first the object is nearly impossible to spot amid the bumps and lumps of the moon’s surface in the hazy video but when Steve zooms in the triangular entity becomes clearer. Tyler, in his commentary of the video states that it could well be a massive triangle or a formation of objects – ‘not uncommon with our military jets here on earth,” said Steve, director of a major Texas-based corporate jet fleet. Click here to view the first image in this week’s things that look like other things gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a man who goes about his daily life in a suit of armor.


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