Blue Point Power Bank

SCUD’s Blue Point 7800mAh Power Bank is currently being offered for only $32.99 with coupon code: UJEZXUJB, today only, originally priced at $129.99. The 7800mah capacity ensures you’ll be able to charge your iPhone 4s/5/5s from 0% to 100% 3.5-times; 2 times for Samsung Galaxy S5, and the iPhone 5s or 6 within 1.5-hours. Product page. – make sure you enter coupon code: UJEZXUJB during checkout for the additional $10 discount. Continue reading for more images and information.

Notable features:

  1. Innovative Integrated Design.
  2. Wonderful Charging Solutions.
  3. TI Design Circuit Board inside.
  4. All-round Security Protection.
  5. Hi-Fi Voice communication.

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TI Plan Circuit Board is built inside to guarantee high conversion rate of power and increase the ability to lock power. We apply A-grade cell, striving to create long-lasting and high-qualifying “battery heart”. It’s one of the reasons why Blue Point can charge more than 500 times. More information.

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