Boker Plus Tactical Pen

The Boker Plus Tactical Pen was designed by Rainer Wenning in partnership with Thomas Braunagel, and it’s is the perfect combination of writing and self defense tool. Featuring a bolt action slide mechanism securely locks the tip in place for emergencies. The anodized milled aluminum pen also comes with a thumb rest should a dangerous situation present itself, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort. Product page. Continue reading for a video review and more information.

“What actually surprises me is that this “bolt action” method wasn’t used first! Very simple and robust mechanism. Take away from it all? This is very nice pen, lots of fun, and visually very, very cool. In a meeting this morning, I took it out to write notes, and it took about fifteen minutes for the meeting to get back on track as everyone wanted to play with my pen. And that, my friends, makes this pen a winner.” says reviewer Harry. More information.

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