Campagna T-REX 16STM

Yes, the Campagna T-REX 16STM is fully street legal, despite looking like something straight from a movie. Powered by a BMW-sourced six cylinder that pumps out 160hp and 129 lb-of of torque, mated to a sequential 6-speed transmission, can this 1,100-pound vehicle can hit 60mph in under 5-seconds. It features a tubular chassis with an integrated roll cage for safety, as well as three-point seatbelts inside a fiberglass body shell with carbon-fiber accents. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“After taking a long time to meet the specs Campagna required, the BMW K1600 GTL sport bike engine, transmission, and guts have been completely modified to work wonderfully in the three wheeled monster. Despite the integration of BMW’s heart and soul, no other major changes have been announced in body design. The new T-Rex 16STM is said to be available in June and available in 8 different color options,” reports Automotive Addicts.

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