This contest has been sponsored by CoSTUME National, a highly recognizable luxury goods brand that combines innovation with style. Show off your artistic side and win cash or an iPhone. Contest page. Continue reading to see more.


To enter this contest, just come up with your own interpretation of the C’N’C Plug Generation slogan in either photo, a composite, mural, stickers, video clip or sculpture formats. The rules are simple: you must be 18-years or older to enter, submit an artistic concept in a variety of formats (5MB or smaller file), and wait for CND to choose the winners. You can let your creativity flow when thinking up ideas, as the contest page shows many examples, including the grass and soil examples above. If you’re leaning towards more of a geeky entry, why not gather all your old computer monitors and display one letter each with a host of different backgrounds. Or, you can go the LEGO route and piece together the world’s largest C’N’C Plug Generation slogan in bricks.


Yes, you will be rewarded quite nicely for a job well done. First prize is 1000 Euros, which might come in handy this holiday season. While, second and third place get brand spanking new iPhones. Once again, please be sure to check out the contest page.