Plenty of USB storage options are out there, but not all of them put creativity first. The following examples combine functionality with form or an eraser for that matter, and don’t necessarily look like your standard USB flash drive. Continue reading to see more.

iPod USB Drive

Available in 1GB or 2GB varieties, this iPod USB drive is priced from $40 and can double as a geeky necklace when not in use. Thanks to flexible silicon, bending the drive into place won’t be an issue.

Eraser Drive

Why wait for manufacturers to release a USB eraser drive, when you could make your own? All you need is: one pink eraser, a USB stick drive, hobby knife, and 1-2 hours. Once it wears down, just snag another eraser, gut it, and you’ve got another.

R2-D2 USB Drive

At first glance, it may look like a normal figurine, but this LEGO R2-D2 doubles as a functional 4GB USB flash drive. It even comes with an integrated LED to indicate activity. Product page.

Han Solo in Carbonite USB Drive

This ultra rare Han Solo in Carbonite USB drive was part of a Hasbro set that sold out in just 5-days. Most striking is the designer’s attention to detail, which includes the action pose and a somewhat blank facial expression.

Steampunk USB Drive

Steampunk fans rejoice: this custom USB flash drive, made from brass and copper, is the perfect complement to your retro computer setup. There’s been a lot of noise about customization in the computer world, and this is definitely no slouch.

Spinacz Clothespin USB Drive

The practical “Spinacz” USB flash stick boasts a clothespin-inspired design that clips onto just about any shirt. One caveat: it doesn’t appear to sport a cap. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.