Electron Wheel Electric Bike

Electron Wheel may not be the first manual to electric bike accessory, but it’s definitely no slouch either. Simply remove the front wheel, install the Electron Wheel, and you’re ready to ride, in 30-seconds or less. Thanks to its auto-monitoring technology, the electric output will adjust depending on incline of the hills, after communicating with the included pedal sensor. Continue reading for two hands-on videos and more information.

“It can even connect to your smart phone via an app to give you a readout of distance, time, pace, and battery life on the bike. As far as distance and speed goes – this wheel can get you up to twenty, and has a range of 30 miles. To top it all off, it only takes a couple of hours plugged into the wall so you can ride it into work, charge it up, and by the time you need to head home it’ll be good to go. You can pick up either a 700c or 26″ wheel for $800,” reports Hi Consumption.

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