Energy Tree is basically a device that checks your power usage by looking at “device consumption, home consumption and long term sustainability.” More pictures + description after the break.

We have entered the 21st century entering a dawn of being constantly connected and always on. We are now more efficient within our work and leisure but not within our use of power and energy

[via YankoDesign]



Tree Health – The Energy tree contains a real tree, which requires no conventional maintenance from the user. The trees health is decided upon how well the user utilizes energy. If the user is extremely efficient with there energy use the EnergyTree will give the tree the nutrients and water it needs to survive and flourish. If the User is inefficient with their energy consumption the EnergyTree will poison and malnourish the tree, eventually killing it. This benefits the user by giving them a long term overview of how much energy they are saving.

Device drain – Device drain is a more specific use of the product that both monitors and can control devices that are connected to the EnergyTree, allowing all devices connected by DeviceCheck to monitor energy consumption and can control and turn off all power to device when not needed, or when controlled from the EnergyTree control panel.

Household drain – This part of the EnergyTree monitors the house as a whole. Looking at all energy consumption from heating the house, to the efficiency of your recycling with the aid of EnergyTree Recycling bins. This will be linked to an online system that will calculate your household efficiency and give you green points in reward for an eco-friendly house