The term “USB flash drive” may sound interesting, but thanks to a few talented designers, flashy can be used to describe these examples. >Click here for first picture in gallery. Continue reading for the full list.

5. USB Card

Perfect for mobile warriors, the sleek USB Card keeps it simple, with a 2mm-thick, credit card-sized design and memory capacities ranging from 256MB to 4GB. Password/data encryption is thrown in, so you can rest easier if it’s ever misplaced.

4. Kronos USB Watch

Love having a watch and USB drive, but hate carrying both? The Kronos is a nifty convergence device that makes good use of the wristband latch, which doubles as a functional USB flash drive.

3. Domino USB Drive

This creative USB drive offers a unique design you won’t find anywhere else. The most notable feature of this 2-piece drive is its ability to snap together when not in use — white dots show how much memory is currently being used (1 dot = 1 GB).

2. USB Notebook

Because the USB Notebook is a self-contained “virtual” computer with software that allows users to duplicate their PC environment, you just need to plug it in to synchronize all your data and settings. Flip open the top cover to reveal a faux-laptop.

1. Flameless USB Lighter Drive

Instead of igniting this lighter the usual way, you just flip it open and resistance coils do the job. When you’re out of juice, all you need is an empty USB slot to recharge it.

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