At first glance, these items (knife, briefcase, violin, camera, and guitar) may look normal, but they’re actually fully-functional weapons. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

1. .22-Caliber Knife Gun

G.R.A.D. is a .22-caliber knife gun that holds five .22-caliber bullets in a revolver type loader and fires with at the pull of the trigger/handle.

2. Briefcase Machine Gun

This briefcase machine gun is an ideal option for any military/law enforcement personnel who need to pose as civilians during special missions. Inside, you’ll find an MP5K submachine gun that weighs only 4.4-pounds and is 13-inches long.

3. Machine Gun Violin

Created by Wei Lieh Lee, this nifty violin sports a machine gun-inspired design, complete with trigger and magazine.

4. Camera Pistol

Here’s a first: someone managed to attach a working camera onto this gun. That’s not all, users can swap out the lenses for ultra zoom shots.

5. The Escopetarras: Gun + Guitar

The Escopetarras combines a guitar and gun into one device It was created by Cesar Lopez, who got the inspiration while noticing the similarities between his guitar and a rifle.