Want to make your Nintendo Wii stand out from the crowd? No problem. These stunning examples should provide plenty of inspiration, at least until more colors are released. Click here for first picture in gallery. Continue reading for the full list.

5. NES

Nintendo’s NES console is known for its simple yet memorable design. Since the Wii case is already white, just get the masking tape, black paint, and NES font decals ready.

4. Rockstar

With its snazzy design and illuminated Rockstar logo, this case strives to be the centerpiece in any Nintendo collection. Thanks to a sleek color scheme, it blends right into your wall of GTA posters.

3. Chrome

We’ve never been a fan of chrome gadgets; they can get a bit too shiny. This Nintendo Wii case is a welcome exception. For gamers who have the console in storage, it will be easy to spot when you decide to dig it out.

2. Samus

Inspired by the legendary Metroid series, the Samus Wii was designed in AutoCAD and includes a hand-cut, light-up logo. Plenty of Metroid memorabilia is available on the cheap. For true fans, consider springing for this stunning creation.

1. Zelda

With Zelda goodness on the outside, this case is the ultimate in aesthetic Wii modifications. In addition to the light-up shield and Trifoce, a matching sword is also included.

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