Whether it be the “Gun Control” security system, “BloomFrame”, or “Transforming Table”, these are things that every geek home needs, or so we think. Click here for more pictures. Continue reading to see them all.

Gun Control

No other surveillance system quite matches the security of Scott Kildall’s Gun Control, which integrates a “police-issue” revolver and video camera into the killer package seen above. Like something out of a 007 movie, when a person comes into view, the camera and gun both follow. Fortunately, the gun is just for show, and is designed to only scare intruders, rather than wound them.

Transformer Table

What sets the Fletcher Capstan Table apart from other dinner tables is that it can expand “by 73%, growing from a capacity of 6 to 12 people in seconds.”


For sheer convenience, check out Leonardo Bonanni Design Consulting’s SmartSink. A built-in camera detects your line of sight and automatically adjusts the sink’s height, without needing to press any buttons. Looking to defrost that piece of meat or wash some carrots? You’ll find a second camera below that checks what is put into the sink and then adjusts the water temperature accordingly. Unfortunately, a release date has not yet been set.

Automatic Door

This innovative Automatic Door comes equipped with infrared sensors that identify objects and conform to their shape when opening.


Here’s a first: a window that transforms into a balcony at the push of a button, called the “BloomFrame”. This would be great for homes with limited space, but still wanting the added convenience of an concealable balcony.

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