You may not be able to enjoy the scenery, but these amazing trains make sure you get to where you’re going in record speeds. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.


The TGV in Paris, France is claimed to be the “world’s fastest” train, reaching a speed of 357.2MPH (April, 2007). To accomplish this, a modified TGV train rode the track under test conditions — voltage boosted to 31,000-volts, along with tamping an extra ballast onto the right-of-way.


Japan’s N700 is touted as the world’s fastest bullet train, reaching a top speed of 186mph. It’s equipped with an active tilt system to allow for high-speed cornering without slowing down, 168mph to be exact. Hitting 60mph in 37-seconds isn’t so bad when you take its 700-ton weight into consideration.