It’s not everyday that you see a phone that can “bend and twist” at your command or transform a number of ways, so check out these incredible cell phone concepts of the future, as some just may become a reality sooner than you think.

BenQ-Siemens Transformer

At first glance, this may look like your typical Smartphone, but at the twist of the screen, it’s able to stand upright for the ultimate multimedia experience. [Source]

Pantech Pivot Point

Designed by Lunar Designs for Pantech, Pivot Point is a futuristic mobile phone concept, sporting a “swiveling screen that can be set up like an easel for easy typing.”

If it ever gets out of the design stage, the device is sure to be a hit with mobile TV and video-conferencing junkies


NEC’s “Tag” Phone

NEC has just unveiled “Tag”, its next-generation cell phone concept. Available in white, black, or orange varities, this device boasts ‘”shape-memorizing” material — the tag will bend and twist at your command.’ Other specifications have not yet been released.[Source]

Pantech’s Flexus Mobile Phone

Pantech’s sleek “Flexus” mobile phone concept recently took home the iF Design Award for Excellence & Innovation. This handset boasts a “trackball and Moto PEBL-esque keypad.” Here’s what Nicholas Deleon has to say:

I take it I’m not the only one who would like to see this released, right? Because something that pretty deserves to be allowed to leaves it room every once and a while

[Source 12]

Fujitsu’s 4-way Slider Phone

Fujitsu’s 4-way slider phone concept features “a virtual keypad allowing it to display a pad appropriate to whichever way the keypad slides out: left, right, up or down.”

There are four buttons on the front which would make the machine very tempting as a music playback device. Indeed, there’s something of the iPod about the device, though we’re not saying this is the kit Apple’s going to unveil as the iPhone


Nokia 888

Nokia’s remarkable 888 concept is ultrathin, lightweight, and very flexible. Powered by liquid battery, the 888 offers a touchscreen display.

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