If you thought LEDs, giant fans, laser-etching, and plexiglass were the only tools used in case modding, then we’ve got a few specimens for you to examine. Starting off with the “Wolfenstein Radio PC“, which was designed to resemble a “Wolfenstein Radiostation”. It comes complete with a custom paint job, receiver, antenna, gauges/meters, and authentic-looking decals. Click here for more pictures.

That’s not all, check out “24“, based on the popular TV show “24” — resembling a weapon of mass destruction aka atomic bomb. Features include a large dot matrix LED display, water cooling, custom built double radiator, and a concealed DVD drive.

Drawing inspiration from classic Japanese architecture, “Sangaku” took Nick Falzone 300 hours to complete, over the course of 9 months. Taking a similar approach to classic design is “Old Smoky“, modeled after an old coal furnace, complete with exhaust steam pipe.

Looking for a computer that’s more raw, yet also clever? “Mr. Beaver” should do the trick. It’s essentially a real beaver that was stuffed with PC components, including an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (2-GHz), 1GB of memory, 160GB HDD, and a Panasonic DVD burner.

If rodents are more your thing, take a look at this “Rodent PC“. A student at North Carolina State University modded his PC case “with 18 in. of PVC pipe, wood chips and a water bottle for his pet, L’il Buddy.”

Finally, if you like the idea of having a Mountain Dew dispenser built in to your PC, check out the “Dew Mod“. Tyler Carlton took apart an old soda system and crammed it into a custom built case. On the inside, you’ll find an AMD Athlon 4800+ X2 processor, 2GB of OCZ Platinum DDR 3200, Dual GeForce 7800 GTXs, WD Raptor 75GB 10,000 RPM hard drive, and a LiteScribe DVD-RW.

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