When a normal PC fan just isn’t enough, look no furthur than the “turbocharger”. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Then it’s time to fill your computer case with oil.


That’s right, this PC system is cooled by a turbocharger @ 3500rpm. Now if only the turbine could be a bit smaller…

We thought a fast computer should have hot rod flames, working headlights, and a custom license plate. As for the cooling system, an LED case fan just wasn’t going to be original enough. Instead, our case fan is a turbocharger commonly found on late 1990’s Mitsubishi Eclipses and Eagle Talons


Liquid Nitrogen

Tom’s Hardware “set out to squeeze at least 5 GHz from the selected Intel P4” in this classic test.

Finally, by gradually increasing FSB speed from 200 MHz (factory setting) to 309 MHz, we achieved a record speed of 5255 MHz. At full load, taking into account a maximum CPU heat dissipation of just under 175 watts, we recorded a temperature of approx. -190°C on the CPU cooling head



Though it’s been done before, Tom’s Hardware has created their own nifty oil-cooled PC, enclosed in a clear case and filled with “8 gallons of cooking oil to improve it’s cooling”.

Indeed, the large volume of liquid guarantees absolutely silent operation – no fans are running. And even under maximum load the three major building blocks remain sufficiently cool: processor, graphics card and chipset.

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