We have seen the future of credit cards, and it’s multi-functional. From the AIO credit card computer to the E-paper Smart Card you’ll find it here. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Multi-Functional Credit Card

Measuring 54 x 85 x 6 mm, this multi-functional credit card features a phone functionality, built-in program that display discounts, GPS, and even games. To keep things secure, it uses biometric fingerprint technology before authorizing charges.

AIO Credit Card Computer

Imagine being able to store a fully functional computer inside a thin plastic credit card. This technology may not be too far off according to Chandanlong. Be assured that it will come loaded with features like Bluetooth, GPS Receiver, and have buit-in Wi-Fi despite its size.

Touchscreen RFID Card

The all-in-one “Smart Card” features an RFID chip that is linked up to all your payment accounts. Put simply, “a small interface indicates your own economic situation and forecasts what effects your purchases might have on your future economic status.”

Smart Card

SiPix has partnered with SmartDisplayer to develop the world’s “first flexible display panel to be embedded into an ISO-compliant payment card.”

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