Drinking with friends may be fun, but these high-tech bars/robots look to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Original Disco Bar

Crammed into this otherwise normal looking bar are 120 RGB LEDs, 250-feet of cable, MIT-designed controller boards, and a built-in fridge. Put on some music and you’re ready to party.

“The bar is very safe actually. I have epoxy pretty much everywhere on the top, so its totally liquid proof. As for inside the cabinet, I’ll be putting some type of protection over the controller boards so in case someone reaches inside, they dont have to worry about bumping anything.”


Interactive Multi-Touch Bar

“Tonfilm” created this incredible, interactive multi-touch bar for a client. It uses custom software and tracks movement via infrared.

Super Bot

This nifty bartending robot was spotted at Wired’s Nextfext. Unlike its predecessor, this version boasts an interactive face and touchscreen functionality to make ordering up a drink even easier.

Wired’s Nextfest is about to begin in New York City, ushering in a weekend of gadget geeks walking the mean streets and getting lost