These homemade Batman vehicles may not be equipped with all the high-tech gadgetry needed to fight crime, but they sure are conversation pieces nonetheless. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.


Ok, so it’s not really the Batmobile, but the jet-powered, street legal “Flatmobile” — also known as the world’s lowest car — definitely drew inspiration from its famous counterpart seen in the Batman movies. It has a ground clearance of 2″, is 12’2″ long / 5′ 5″ wide, and 19″ high.


Not only is this vehicle Batman-inspired, it’s a life-sized replica of the Tumbler from Batman Begins / The Dark Knight. Perfection comes at a price though, and in this case, building this vehicle cost Bob Dullam — from SuperHeroHype between $50k – $70k for parts alone — not including the countless number of hours spent laboring. That’s not the most surprising part, he built this from scratch using only photos.