Why wait for Nintendo to release new Wii colors when you can build your own? That’s exactly what Morpheon has done, starting with the incredible Metroid-inspired creation above. Continue reading for a rundown of our favorites — some have been featured here before. Click here for first picture in gallery.


For Mario fans looking for a unique Nintendo Wii case, this hand-painted system is a great pick. Project page.

The hand-painted Super Mario themed Wii features a scene from the classic platformer, including a 3-dimensional Mario busting out of the side of the console, courtesy of ample quantities of modeling clay and Bondo



With Zelda goodness on the outside, this case is the ultimate in aesthetic Wii modifications. In addition to the light-up shield and Trifoce, a matching sword is also included.

The sword is even detachable, allowing the winning bidder to act out their desire to be Link (who doesn’t want to wield the Master Sword?), as well as possess one of the sweetest looking Wiis in existence



Inspired by the legendary Metroid series, the Samus Wii was designed in AutoCAD and includes a hand-cut, light-up logo. Plenty of Metroid memorabilia is available on the cheap. For true fans, consider springing for this stunning creation.

..used an entirely NEW process for painting this time around with a new professional grade Iwata airbrush . Each color was painstakingly hand-mixed and color matched to achieve Samus’s signature metallic Varia suit colors of golden orange for the base and intense red for the Wii itself


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