Surfing the web at school or Starubuck’s may be normal for some, but there are places where you should’nt be using the internet, or so we think.

Streetlight with Internet Access

That’s right, a streetlight in Zoetermeer (Holland) allows users to surf the web through a Wi-Fi connection. Developed by KPN, Lucent, and Tyco Electronics, it boasts two LCD screens for displaying information. No word yet on if we’ll see this technology stateside.

…you can connect your laptop to the web if you’re within 100 metres distance from the streetlight. One [LCD] is used exclusively for advertisements. The other [LCD] can be used to get information about public transport, the news, the weather, traffic and you can also visit the website of the city of Zoetermeer on this screen.


Subaru WRX Meets Mac Mini

This followup (by Gthing) to the Mac Prius, takes the mod a step furthur by adding a 7-inch touchscreen and a GPS system. See it in action after the jump.

I also ran four sets of speaker cable from the trunk to the dash to hook into the stock speaker wiring. A VGA Cable and USB Extender cable were also run directly to the dash for the screen and touch screen control. This is all the wiring that was required to go through the car

Toilet Floor Internet Browser managed to grab some footage of Media Plaza’s high-tech bathroom floor, complete with integrated computer.

“During conventions at Media Plaza relevant websites are selected and shown to the visitors on the monitors in the toilet floor.”


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