Sure, knowledge is power, but even more so when put to work, as these students show. You’ll find three of our favorite student projects (in recent time) after the break — includes the self-playing Foosball table and automated dish maker (above). Click here for first picture in gallery.

Self-Playing Foosball Table

For an autonomous foosball table, four engineering students from Georgia Tech bring you this offering. This remarkable creation took just $500 to build, consisting of servo-controlled paddles, a webcam, and an 800MHz PC. Want a real challenge? The software simultaneously tracks itself and human opponents, forecasting the ball’s trajectory.


Dish Maker

Created by an MIT student, this incredible device “can actually replace cabinets worth of dishes by storing them as flat disks.” While this device may not be practical just yet, it would surely make “buying” dishes a thing of the past.



For sheer convenience, check out MIT student Leonardo Bonanni’s SmartSink. A built-in camera detects your line of sight and automatically adjusts the sink’s height, without needing to press any buttons. Looking to defrost that piece of meat or wash some carrots? You’ll find a second camera below that checks what is put into the sink and then adjusts the water temperature accordingly.


Voice Controlled Blender

If “less is more” is your personal motto, then “Blendie 2000” fits the bill. This blender doesn’t have all the fancy features you’d expect in modern day kitchen gadgets, but it does however, have integrated voice control — might come in handy on stressful days. According to the students/inventors, “simply make the kind of sound you’d like the blender to make — growl, and the blender is set to “low” — a high-pitched whine kicks the blender into high gear.”


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