These aren’t the guns you’re used to seeing in movies. The Punt Gun and Gustav Gun are some of the largest you’ll ever see. Continue reading for more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Punt Gun

The world’s largest shotgun aka Punt Gun measures 10-feet long and has a 2-inch barrel. Due to its size and recoil, this gun has to be mounted directly on the punts. Just a single blast could wipe out 50-100 ducks resting on the water’s surface.

Gustav Gun

The “Gustav Gun” was built by Germany-based Friedrich Krupp, A.G. in 1941. It weighed a massive 1344 tons and required a 500 man crew to operate. During its operational period, the gun fired approximately 367 shells, with very few hitting their desired targets — mainly because shells required a 400-pound powder charge, causing violent shocks.