When is a flight simulator not just a flight simulator? When it has a full-sized cockpit mounted to a motion base. Continue reading to see the ultimate homemade flight simulators. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Flight Sim + TrackIR4 Pro

For those who love flight sims and are tired of using the boring joystick/keyboard, this homemade device is just for you — basically consists of Flight Sim + TrackIR4 Pro head tracking.

Motion Board Flight Simulator

This person decided playing flight simulators on his computer just wasn’t realistic enough, so he built a full-sized 747-400 cockpit, complete with switches, sensors, and motion base


Bedroom 747 Simulator

It took John Davis eight years and $30,000+ to build this amazing Boeing 747 flight simulator in a spare bedroom — powered by “Microsoft Flight Simulator for the visuals, as well as the Aerowinx PS1, which has about 30 different programs.”


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