Now that blank CDs can be picked up for just a few dollars, here are some other creative uses for them. Continue reading to view them all.

CD Lamp

If you’ve got hundreds of old AOL discs laying around, why not put them to good use? This creation was made from a pile of old CDs, an ATX power supply, and a custom circular base.

“The pile of CDs that had been massing in my room was growing to epic proportions. So I decided to make myself a CD lamp. The circular base was actually cut using a template on a table saw, then sanded after clamping it in a drill press. The cold cathode lamp is from NewEgg. “


Mini Hovercraft

“Spacepaintings” shows us how to make a mini hovercraft using just a CD, balloon, glue, and waterbottle top.

Only 4 things needed! It glids on a cushion of air, fun for kids

CD Disco Ball

Finally, a good use for all those AOL CDs you have laying around. “Kipkay” shows us how make a nifty disco ball from those discs.

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