Once in a while, we all need a change, and these unconventional chairs could be the first step in freshening up your living space. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Protean Chair

The Protean Chair allows users “to create the desired atmosphere at any given moment — arranged as a love seat with two end tables or if you wish, you can slide the chairs apart and create two separate seats with a table in between.”


Fully Loaded

Designed by Alexander Reh, the “Fully Loaded” chair is made from over 450, .12 gauge shotgun shells. It’s limited to just 30-units worldwide and only available through Alexander.


Side Chair

Designed by Alexander Kneller, the Side Chair “comes with an option for an open lower area for storage of your favorite reading materials.”


Suitcase Chair

Rather than cramming your empty suitcase into the closet, why not turn it into a functional chair? That’s exactly how this nifty transforming suitcase works.


Color Changing Chair

Here’s a first: a chair that “change[s] its colour…as if the blood pressure was rising high.” Basically, it detects your presence and adjusts the color according to body heat.



Touted as the “world’s thinnest chair”, the ISIS folds up into a 3cm-thick when not in use. It’s made from linked geometric panels.


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