A lot of fountains can be found in homes and malls throughout the world, but very few can claim the honors for being circulating chocolate on a grand scale or shooting water 1023-feet in the air. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

At 27-feet tall, this chocolate fountain by Jean-Philippe Maury is the world’s largest, located inside the Bellagio, Las Vegas. Not just eye candy, this fully-functional chocolate fountain circulates a whopping 2100-pounds, at the rate of 120 quarts per minute.

World’s Most Powerful Fountain

Located in Saudi Arabia, this fountain is claimed to be the world’s most powerful. It’s powered by three high-powered pumps, capable of shooting water 1023-feet into the air @ 375km/h.

Vortex Fountain

Created by William Pye, this unique fountain is housed in a transparent acrylic cylinder, with filtered water being pumped in a circular motion to produce the vortex effect.