Most USB devices are boring, but these creative examples think outside the box with their functionality and design. From the “Folder USB Drive” above to “Eazzzy”, you’ll find it here. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Folder USB Drive

Art Lebedev has unveiled his latest creation: a folder-shaped USB drive. Unfortunately, it’s not thin (large) enough to fit a MacBook Air.

Eraser USB Drive

Want a multi-function eraser? Then look no furthur than this eraser USB drive. Pop the cap off and it can be used to wipe off those stray pencil marks on those dreaded Scantron forms.

USB Digital Camera

If all you need is a basic digital camera with no LCD, viewfinder or buttons, “Eazzzy” should do the trick. Just plug the device into any USB slot to transfer files.

Modular Chocolate Bar Hard Drive

This chocolate bar-inspired hard drive sports a modular design, with several removable USB pieces. Plus, the “central hub is a touchscreen to help you view and organize your collective files.”

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