Sure, less people are wearing watches now days, but what if their designers thought outside the box when coming up with a new model? Continue reading to see a few interesting examples of creative watch design. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Ex-Time Projector Watch

Unlike other watches, the Ex-Time is capable of projecting the time onto your hand, at the push of a button. No word yet on if this concept will go into production. Click here for one more picture.

It also displays the scrolling time and date on the otherwise unremarkable surface of the watch at the push of an equally unremarkable button

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Gucci’s Flexible LED Watch

We have seen the future of watches, and it’s flexible LED. With a bracelet-inspired design, this Gucci watch slides open to reveal a transparent display.

Hey, wanna get in on all that flexible LED goodness going around these days, but hesitant because you’re fashion conscience?


Von Zios: The Transforming Watch

Von Zios is an innovative watch that “can be transformed into a table clock — every unit is interconnected by a cylindrical tube to enable the watch to be flexible and thus able to be worn by the user.”

While the Von Zios wears like a normal watch, the links can snap together allowing for a rigid support structure. We don’t necessarily like the idea for a watch…or at least this particular watch…but for an MP3 player or general PMP the design could have far more utility

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Slot Machine Watch

Yes, Girard-Perragaux’s latest watch actually has a built-in slot machine. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out $10k+ for this masterpiece.

In addition to the usual crown, the right side of the case has a small handle that can be pulled to set the reels in motion, Luxist says. (Three bells in a row denotes a jackpot, FYI.) The unique 18k timepiece even has a hammer that strikes a small gong while they’re spinning, creating a mini-casino atmosphere

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JIT (Just-in-Time) Watch

Designed by Martin Frey, the JIT (Just-in-Time) watch “can use GPS to know where you are, when and where your next appointment is, and when you should leave.”

This way, the watch can quickly show you how much time is left until your appointment, how much time you have until you’re supposed to leave for your appointment, and how late you are if you haven’t already left. Sure, it might be a little bulky, and could probably use a few months / years of polish before it’s ready for market, but we want one now

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