Focal Smart Glasses

Forget Google Glass, the Amazon-backed Focals smart glasses by North have arrived, and pre-orders started today for $1,000. Want to try them out first? Stop by North’s two showrooms in Brooklyn and Toronto. The glasses are made from polymer and come in a variety of styles, all with a holographic display built directly into the lenses that only the wearer can see. This display enables the wearers to scroll through notifications from their phone, such as text messages, real-time weather updates, calendar notifications and turn-by-turn directions. Continue reading for a hands-on video and more information.

“A small projector located inside the glasses beams information onto the lenses in front of users’ eyes. Focals come connected to Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, so users can give any number of commands like to play music, hear the news, see the weather, control your smart home, and see them carried out on-screen. The glasses connect to your Android and iOS smartphone using a Bluetooth connection,” reports The Daily Mail.


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