Animatronic Dinosaur Suit

Comedy duo Hamish and Andy of 104.1FM decided to rent an ultra-realistic dinosaur costume for the day to prank unsuspecting guests at a car park. While these prehistoric beasts may not be exact replicas, it did catch everyone off guard. “With fully animated movement, a performer controls the head, mouth, eyes and sounds utilizing a special – simple to control internal steering wheel. Clear sight is possible through the Built in Camera System, and the actor stay cool through the use of several built in Fans,” according to the costume maker. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Realistic Custom Sculpted Silicone Dinosaur; Custom Realistic Paint Job; Realistic Walking Movements; Full head movement – Up, Down, Side to Side, Tilt; Tail Sways left and right; Mouth Movement; Blinking Eyes; Realistic Sounds Triggered with movements; Built in Wide-Angle Vision Camera and Screen; Built in SUPER LOUD Speaker System; Built in Batter Pack; Built in Actor-Cooling Fan System,” according to the product page.

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