Fujifilm’s FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera is currently being offered for just $235.96 shipped, originally priced at $599.99. Unlike other cameras, this one comes complete with two 10-megapixel sensors and two Fujinon 3x optical zoom lenses; the synchronized control of the two sensors and lenses prevents any inaccuracy between the two images and produces a perfectly matched pair of images which, when combined, produce a single image with a very natural sense of depth. Product page. Continue reading for an unboxing video.

Image data captured by the twin lens-CCD system is processed by the newly developed RP (REAL PHOTO) Processor 3D HD. The technology merges the left and right images into a single image. This processor is also the power behind 3D Auto–the function that lets even first-time users take stunning HD-quality images effortlessly. And not only can it shoot in spectacular 3D, but you can also switch to standard 2D mode and use it as a normal camera. There are even special features that allow you to use the fact that the camera has two lenses and two sensors and take two different photos at once. Super Intelligent Flash and Scene Position are featured to automatically make the optical settings to match your scene.

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