If it’s peace of mind you want, these funny security cameras, or their placement rather, will not get the job done. The caged security camera above has an extremely obstructed view, but at least it’s locked up safely. Continue reading to see the others.

1. Gun Control

What better and safer way to foil a robbery than by hiding out in the security room while remotely controlling these “Gun Control” surveillance cameras? Simply point and shoot, or fire off a warning shot and let the authorities take them in.

2. Friendly Conversation

Is your establishment located in too safe of a neighborhood? If so, you can always point two security cameras at each other and stick comic book conversation bubbles above each one. Even security cameras need a break sometimes, or so we think.

3. Worst Placement Ever

Unless you’re planning on surveying the bugs that end up on the LCD display’s backside, this security camera is pretty much useless to say the least. Sure, it’s a great hiding place, but the functionality ends there.

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