Email Scammer

Photo credit: James Veitch via Bored Panda

Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer is James Veitch’s book that shows exactly what happens when you decide to reply to a scam email, and keep the conversation going for as long as possible. In the example you see above, the scammer appears to offer James an interesting proposal: a 10% cut of any gold he distributes for this person. This all sounds fine and dandy at first, but like most scams, they always require some type of payment before starting the supposed “business”, which in this case is a hefty amount of gold. To keep things interesting, James decides to use code names, and even a simple, yet self-explanatory chart. Continue reading to see just how far the conversation got before the scammer realized what was going on.

“This one involves somebody called ‘Solomon’ who wants to sell him 25kgs of gold. But the only thing gold about this particular exchange is the way that James strings the foolish fraudster along before the conversation reaches its hilarious conclusion,” reports Bored Panda.


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