If you’re looking to do a bit more than just stare at your reflection, then these mirrors are just for you. While they may not look the part, they pack some high-tech gadgetry beneath the surface. Continue reading to see more.

Magic Mirror

From afar the Magic Mirror by Themeaddicts may look normal, but it fully integrates with any compatible home automation system. This gadget provides entertaining updates using an interesting CGI character named “Basil of the Mirror”, on changes in settings, live feeds from a security camera outside, and more.

Weave Mirror

Created by Daniel Rozin for the BitForms exhibition, the Weave Mirror utilizes approximately 768 motorized, C-shaped laminated prints — mimicking a homespun basket — to display images via a camera and grayscale value of each ring. The entire installation is suspended from the ceiling, with the electronics and circuitry viewable from the rear.

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